Master's in Data Analytics-Nagpur

What is Master's in Data Analytics?

Master’s in Data Analytics course is a multi-disciplinary field, where aspirants from any other field can learn and get the highest-paying job in Nagpur and any reputed company in any city. Data Science is a field where we use scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from the data which can be structured OR unstructured. Using AI and Machine Learning aspirants will be able to solve real-time business problems related to Data Science.

We are the Best Teaching Institute for Data Science classes in Nagpur

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About Master's in Data Analytics

Master's in Data Analytics program in Nagpur's Data Science Era is is well crafted by Industry experts and recruiters from top MNCs based on different experiences and pay scales. The goal of this program is to ensure that our aspirants are well equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and interview tips, to land a lucrative job in this field. The concepts are clearly explained with the help of lectures, interesting activities, case studies and quizzes, to make the learning process intuitive and immersive.

Masters in Data analytics in nagpur

In addition to this

In addition to the above, our Data Science aspirants will be given up to 30 real time detailed projects to work on, which will not only help our aspirants to understand the business implementation of their learnings but also cement it in their memory. Meanwhile, our aspirants will receive personalized coaching and placement support from our placement team which includes Improving your Communication Skills, grooming yourself and building your excellent Profile in LinkedIn, Kaggle and GitHub. Towards the end, these efforts which we are putting will help our aspirants to craft a perfect resume, Interview Cracking Techniques and Salary Negotiation Techniques with Creative Thinking and Problem-solving skills. We are the Best Teaching Institute for Data Science classes in Nagpur

Who should take?

Anyone with the passion for Data, good aptitude and mathematical skills and looking for amazing career in Data Science with 0 to any years of experience. Beginners looking to kickstart their career in Python, Tableau,SQL, and Data Analytics. Working professionals looking for career transition into Python, Tableau,SQL, and Data Analytics.

Growing with deep learning ..Get yourself enrolled with a Master's in Data Analytics in Nagpur

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  • Data/Business Analyst – With the knowledge of
    tools like Python, Tableau, SQL
  • Business Intelligence Professional – With tools like
    Tableau with SQL


An industry/Research project will be a part of your
program to consolidate your learning.
Industry projects will ensure you have the real-world experience to start your career in Data Science & Machine Learning

Sample Project List

  • Visualizing COVID-19 – Life Sciences
    Analyse the Covid 19 data and get the insights
    from the data and create the story.
  • Exploring the NYC Airbnb Market – Hospitality
    Apply your data importing and cleaning skills
    from the Importing and Cleaning Data with
    Python skill track to uncover insights about the
    Airbnb market in New York City.
  • Analyzing the adverse event data from FDA
    – Life Sciences
    Analyze the data of the adverse events and come
    up with the insights from the data
  • Tag predictions for questions – Web Analytics
    Learn to develop a high-performance automated
    tagging system to aid topic discovery in Stack
    Overflow, a popular online community to learn and share knowledge
  • Self  Driving Car-  Deep Learning
    Learn to use the deep learning technologies to create a self-driving car.
  • Human Activity Recognition – Deep Learning Using the deep learning technologies learn how to recognize human activities.
  • Image Recognition – Deep Learning and OpenCV
    Using the latest technologies learn how to develop a
    classification model to classify the images based on the


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