Best Data Science Courses in Nagpur

Data Science courses in Nagpur

“Data Science Era” This is where we conduct Data Science courses in Nagpur. we help our students acquire skills they need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.

We have come up with the best teaching institute for data science in Nagpur.

data science in nagpur

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a study related to the extraction of information from varied raw, unstructured data and assembling them into a formal structured, actionable form. Furthermore, various forms of numerical, and nonnumerical information, in very large quantities, are collected to prepare a readable understandable format. Indeed it is a valuable guide structure for huge lumpsum volumes of information. it is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering, and so forth to analyze large amounts of data.

Who Are We?

The Data Science Era in Nagpur is extremely the fastest-growing EdTech company. As has been noted we are with a network of award-winning data experts who are moreover also the mentors of our Data Science programs. our institute not only has expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, but also in Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics which are the most demanding job in the 21st century. Founded by Professionals from ExDeloitte, Ex-Accenture, and Ex-Capgemini. We are also partnered undeniably with various Top B-Schools and EdTech companies in India for promoting their online programs for working professionals.

Undeniably We are the Best Teaching Institute for Data Science classes in Nagpur

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We aim at inspiring our Data science students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

data science in nagpur

Our Moto

Data Science courses in Nagpur is a multi-disciplinary field,  of course where aspirants from any field can learn and get the highest-paying job. On the whole data Science is a field where we use scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from the data which can be structured or unstructured. In brief Using AI and Machine Learning aspirants will be able to solve the real-time business problems related to Data Science.
We at our learning institute are concurrently dedicated to Data Science aspirants to give them the best class knowledge and get them placed in reputed MNCs. To conclude Here we are not only giving theoretical knowledge but also we are giving real-time practical knowledge with real-time projects.

As a result we are the Best Teaching Institute for Data Science classes in Nagpur

Data Science Training Overview

We can proudly say that we have good track records of placements of our data science aspirants to various different reputed companies and hence because of that we are one of the emerging Ed Tech company.

  • In depth knowledge of Python programming.
  • Foundation of Machine Learning and Data
  • Deep Statistical knowledge.
  • Detailed knowledge of Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis tools like
    Tableau and SQL.
  • Real world use cases for hands on practice.
  • Detailed understanding of Deep Learning
  • Off course Anyone with the passion for Data, good aptitude
    and mathematical skills and  Evidently those who are looking for amazing
    career in Data Science with 0 to any years of
  • Beginners looking to kickstart their career in ML,
    Data Science and AI Deep Learning.
  • Working professionals looking for career
    transition into ML, Data Science and AI Deep
  • Firstly Data/Business Analyst – With the knowledge of
    tools like Python, Tableau, SQL
  • Secondly Jr. Data Scientist/Data Scientist – With the
    knowledge of tools like Python, Tableau, SQL, and
    statistical knowledge coupled with Machine
    Learning algorithms
  • Thirdly Business Intelligence Professional – With tools like
    Tableau with SQL
  • And So Fourth Machine Learning Engineer – With the knowledge
    of tools like Python and statistical knowledge
    coupled with Machine Learning algorithms
  • Following this AI Engineer – With the knowledge of skillsets like
    AI with latest packages like Tensor flow and Keras.

This Data Scientist training in Nagpur has no specific prerequisites. Positively If you prefer math, it will be advantageous to you.

  • Moreover An industry/Research project will be a part of your
    program to consolidate your learning.
    Other than this Industry projects will ensure you have the realworld experience to start your career in Data
    Science & Machine Learning

Sample Project list

  • Firstly movie Recommendation – Media Learn to build recommendation systems to model
    individual user preference on Over-The- Top (OTT)
    media service platforms such as Netflix.
  • Secondly Question Pair Similarity – Web Analytics
    Learn to identify question pairs having same intent
    and detect duplicate questions by using Natural
    Language Processing (NLP) and advanced Machine
    Learning Techniques.
  • Thirdly Amazon Fashion Discovery Engine – Online Retail
    Learn to build a recommendation engine which
    suggests similar apparel products to a given
    apparel product on any e-commerce websites such
    as Amazon.
  • And so fourth Tag predictions for questions – Web Analytics
    Learn to develop a high-performance automated
    tagging system to aid topic discovery in Stack
    Overflow, a popular online community to learn
    and share knowledge.
  • Next Self Driving Car – Deep Learning
    Learn to use the deep learning technologies to create the
    self-driving car.
  • Then Human Activity Recognition – Deep Learning
    Using the deep learning technologies learn how to recognize
    the human activities.
  • Following this Image Recognition – Deep Learning and OpenCV
    Using latest technologies learn how to develop a
    classification model to classify the images based on the
  • And much more.

The average income of a Data Scientist in Nagpur is ₹5,18,339 per year

Explore Courses and Tools under Data science in Nagpur

Data scientist's career path?

Education: A data scientist usually starts with a degree in a relevant subject such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, or data science. You can even pursue advanced degrees like a Master’s or a Ph.D.

Entry-level positions: A data scientist may begin their career as a junior or entry-level data analyst or data scientist after completing their studies. They might perform fundamental data analysis jobs like data cleaning and processing, report construction, and the creation of simple statistical models.

Positions at the mid-level: As data scientists gain experience, they may advance to mid-level jobs like senior data analyst or data scientist. They might be in charge of more difficult analysis duties in these professions, like making data visualizations or establishing prediction models.

Leadership positions: With sufficient experience, a data scientist may become a manager or director of data science. In these positions, they can be in charge of leading a group of data scientists and managing the data strategy for a whole company.

Entrepreneurship: Some data scientists might decide to launch their own businesses or act as freelance consultants. They can use their data science expertise in these positions to generate innovative solutions for a variety of businesses or develop innovative data-driven products.

It is essential to keep in mind that a data scientist’s exact professional path might vary significantly depending on their interests and goals. For instance, some data scientists may decide to focus on building skills in a certain area of analysis, such as machine learning or natural language processing, while others may choose to focus on a particular topic of study, such as healthcare or finance.

What our students say:-

I would like to share my experience of Python class done under Rahul Tiwari sir. The classes were really well organized. It was truly super experience. He made sure that all students understand all the concepts. He provided personal support to each student after the class as well. I will definitely recommend the class.
lipisha kachore
lipisha kachore
This is the amazing Institute for data science course where you get the knowledge of data science. I did my certified course on python and data science the teachers were so calm, friendly and helpful. I have got my best experience here. I was not really interested in data science but after doing this course my interest have elevated to study more in this topics. I would really recommend to go for it you will not regret doing this. Its a really very interesting course.
komal surwade
komal surwade
Data science era is the right place to start your journey in python and data science. My experience with this course is really amazing. the team is very polite and patient. Great and affordable place to learn data science and python. Do join data science era for best data science courses.
Prajwal Thakre
Prajwal Thakre
Data science era is a great training center in nagpur for data analytics courses. All the concepts were taught nicely and properly. Personal attention was given to every student. Thank you data science era team for your support.
Dinesh Tayade
Dinesh Tayade
best institute to learn data science. thanks to all the staffs and teachers who were very supportive. All the topics are covered as promised. i will recommend all who want to join data science course
Giggle Baby
Giggle Baby
Highly recommended Rahul Sir is the best teacher in Nagpur for data science
Lakaki Sinha
Lakaki Sinha
Best and very indepth course content Rahul sir teaching is awesome Highly recommended for fresher and indepth learning must visit and must join Data science Era
Imran Turak
Imran Turak
I would recommend data science era for a complete learning data science. Well experienced trainer here have exceptional skills to make students understand the concept easily . I personally recommend data science era institute for data science courses.
Apeksha Patil
Apeksha Patil
Best Institute to learn Data Science online Course in nagpur. Thanks to all the Staffs and Teachers who were very Supportive throughout the course and placement process. for developing skills and providing guidance. So thank you data science era team for great learning experience.
Ashwini D Joshi
Ashwini D Joshi

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